Elite Account Rules

Below is an explanation of Elite sim-funded account rules. View our Elite Account Payouts page for more information on how payouts work for our Elite traders. You must pass one of our evaluations to qualify for an elite account. Once you pass your evaluation phase and have moved to an Elite Account, you start with the same capital and drawdowns as the evaluation account. Your drawdown will be permanently removed once you have earned realized profits equal to max drawdown +$100.

Minimum Allowed Balance

How does the minimum allowed balance work in evaluations and Elite (qualified) accounts?

A In your Elite account the drawdown trails your highest end of day balance until you have earned realized profits equal to max drawdown +$100; then you will no longer have a daily loss limit and your drawdown never moves again. At this point, the starting account balance +$100 becomes your minimum allowable balance in your Elite account; do not let your account balance fall beneath this static level or you will fail.

Example: You start with an account balance $25,000 and your max loss is $1,500 (minimum account balance of $23,500). If you make a trade and close for a profit of $1,000 your minimum account balance moves to $24,500 at the end of the day. Your daily loss limit stays the same.

If at any time you hit your max loss/minimum balance your evaluation account is failed. You can feel free to reset your evaluation and try again if that happens.

Holding trades overnight

Am I allowed to hold trades overnight?

A YES! You are allowed to hold overnight and weekends!

Details on trading days

What qualifies as a trading day?

A Any day you place a trade qualifies. Sunday and Monday are counted as the same trading day.

Does Sunday count as a trading day?

A No. Sunday evening and Monday are counted as the same trading day.

Can I trade on holidays and during news?

A Yes. Just know during these events volatility can be very low or extremely high and can wipe an account out quickly if risk management is not applied.

Maximum Account Positions

How do the maximum account positions work?

A You are not allowed to have more than the maximum allowed positions open at any time. Doing so will result in a failure of your evaluation or Elite account. Going over your max allowed positions in your Elite account will result in a forfeit of profits with account closure. 10 micros counts as 1 mini.

1 mini = 1 "position"
10 micro = 1 "position"

Example: An account with a maximum open positions of 3 minis, 30 micros or 3 small will be used for this example.

Allowed: 2 mini, 10 micro
Not Allowed: 2 mini, 20 micros (20 micros is equivalent to 2 "positions" putting this at 4 total positions. 1 more than the 3 allowed.).
Not Allowed: 3 mini, 600 micro (9 total "positions")

What contract expiration can I trade?

A You agree to trade the highest volume, most current contract for the instrument you are trading. Trading low liquidity and low volume contracts is not allowed.

The 40% Rule

What is the 40% rule?

A ETF wishes to empower traders with knowledge and tools that allow them to make prudent investment decisions and build and invest according to long-term, consistent trading strategies. ETF is not a gambling website, nor is it the intention of ETF to empower those who treat trading as a gambling enterprise. Because of this, it is the policy of ETF that at the time of any withdrawal request from an Elite Sim-Funded account, your best profitable day cannot exceed forty (40) percent of the total profit, including withdrawals. This policy is uniformly applied to all Elite Sim-Funded traders using our Services, without exception.

Example: In the table below we are showing the highest single day gain (PNL) as $10,000 on day 5. This means 10,000 can not be more than 40% of your total profit at time of requesting a withdrawal.

What happens after I receive a payout?

A Nothing changes, you keep trading!

Does going over 40% fail my account?

A NO. You simply must keep trading to gain more profit to bring your best day % of Total PNL below 40%.

Does the consistency rule apply to evaluations?

A No, not at all. 40% consistency rule applies to Elite Sim-funded accounts only.

Trade Day PNL Total PNL % of Total PNL
1 1,000 1,000 100%
2 1,000 2,000 50%
3 1,000 3,000 33.33%
4 1,000 4,000 25%
5 10,000 14,000 71.42%
6 -5,000 9,000 111%
7 8,000 17,000 58%
8 5,000 22,000 45%
9 3,000 25,000 40%
10 3,000 28,000 35%
11 2,000 30,000 33%
12 2,000 32,000 31.25%
13 2,000 34,000 29%
14 500 34,500 28.9%
15 2500 37,000 27% (Can request first payout)