How the End of Day Drawdown evaluation works

How to qualify

It's simple and easy to follow. Trade a minimum of 5 days. Hit your profit target. Don't hit your end of day trailing drawdown or daily loss limit. Don't trade more than allowed contracts. Close All trades 1 minute before market close. Do all that and you will be assigned an Elite account within 72 hours and be on your way to earning real money.

End of Day Drawdown evaluation Product Rules

Below is an explanation of EOD evaluation rules.

Max Trailing Drawdown

How does the trailing drawdown work in EOD evaluations?

A In your evaluation account your drawdown trails your highest end of day profit. You also have an intraday daily loss limit calculated from the prior day's ending balance.

Be advised that any losses incurred from open positions will affect your daily loss limit. This means that if an open position dips your account balance below the daily loss limit, intraday, you will fail the evaluation.

Example: You start with an account balance $50,000 and your max drawdown is $2,000 (minimum EOD account balance of $48,000). If you trade and end the day with a profit of $1,000 your minimum account balance moves up to $49,000. If your account at any point during the day reaches the daily loss limit you fail your account.

How does the end of day trailing drawdown work in Elite (qualified) accounts?

A In your Elite account your drawdown trails your end of day profit until you reach your beginning balance +$100. Once you have earned realized profits equaling drawdown +$100 then you will no longer have a daily loss limit and your drawdown never moves again. Starting balance +$100 becomes your minimum allowable balance in your Elite account, do not let your account balance fall beneath this level or you will fail.

Here is a working example of the EOD Drawdown. You can see that on Day 8, the EOD balance has fallen below the Trailing EOD Drawdown and has failed. If at any time during these days, the PNL (realized and unrealized) reached the $1,100 daily loss limit, the account would also have failed.

Day Beginning Balance Trailing EOD Drawdown Remaining EOD Drawdown Day PNL EOD Balance Daily Loss Limit Trigger
1 50,000 48,000 2,000 550 50,550 48,900
2 50,550 48,550 2,000 (250) 50,300 49,450
3 50,300 48,550 1,750 (500) 49,800 49,200
4 49,800 48,550 1,250 (800) 49,000 48,700
5 49,000 48,550 450 1,800 50,800 47,900
6 50,800 48,800 2,000 (900) 49,900 49,700
7 49,900 48,800 1,100 (800) 49,100 48,800
8 49,100 48,800 300 (400) 48,700 48,000

The daily loss limit resets daily based on the prior day’s EOD balance. It simply trails the prior day’s balance and does not change intraday. If you are profitable intraday, your daily loss limit trigger remains the same. Using Day 2 as an example, your beginning balance is $50,550 and your daily loss trigger is set at $49,450. If during day 2, you have intraday profits of $1,000 so that your balance is at $51,550, your daily loss limit trigger remains at $49,450. At this point, you would have to lose $2,100 to trigger the daily loss limit.

Holding trades overnight

Am I allowed to hold trades overnight?

A No. You are not allowed to hold trades overnight.

All trades MUST be closed 1 minute before the close of the market. Different instruments have different market closing times. It is your responsibility to know these and close your positions before the respective market closes. Holding a position past market closing time will result in the failure of your evaluation or Elite account. Holding a position past market close in your Elite account will result in a forfeit of profits with account closure.

Example: ES traders must close all positions before 3:59pm Central Standard time on a normal market hours trading day. New trades may be opened at 5pm Central Standard time.

It is the traders responsibility to know holiday trading hours that may vary.

Minimum of 5 trading days

What is the minimum amount of trading days I need to qualify?

A You must have a minimum of 5 days traded and have reached your profit target to qualify for an elite account.

Details on trading days

What qualifies as a trading day?

A Any day you place a trade qualifies. Sunday and Monday are counted as the same trading day.

Does Sunday count as a trading day?

A No. Sunday evening and Monday are counted as the same trading day.

Is there a maximum number of days to hit my profit target?

A No, you may take as many days as you need to hit your profit target*. There is no maximum. You will continue to pay the evaluation auto-renewal price every 30 days until you either cancel the eval account (irrespective of failures) or reach the profit target to get funded.

If you have not failed your evaluation, your current profit and the remaining drawdown will carry over once your monthly renewal payment successfully processes.

*Fast track accounts are the only exception and have a maximum of 14 calendar days, or 10 trading sessions, to reach the eval profit target.

Can I trade on holidays and during news?

A Yes. Just know during these events volatility can be very low or extremely high and can wipe an account out quickly if risk management is not applied.

Maximum Account Positions

How do the maximum account positions work?

A You are not allowed to have more than the maximum allowed positions open at any time. Doing so will result in a failure of your evaluation or Elite account. Going over your max allowed positions in your Elite account will result in a forfeit of profits with account closure. 10 micros counts as 1 small or 1 mini.

1 mini = 1 "position"
1 small = 1 "position"
10 micro = 1 "position"

Example: An account with a maximum open positions of 3 minis, 30 micros or 3 small will be used for this example.

Allowed: 1 mini, 1 small and 10 micros
Allowed: 2 mini, 1 small
Allowed: 2 mini, 10 micro
Allowed: 2 small, 10 micro
Not Allowed: 1 mini, 1 small and 20 micros (20 micros is equivalent to 2 "positions" putting this at 4 total positions. 1 more than the 3 allowed.).
Not Allowed: 2 mini, 2 small (4 total "positions")
Not Allowed: 3 mini, 3 small, 30 micro (9 total "positions")

What contract expiration can I trade?

A You agree to trade the highest volume, most current contract for the instrument you are trading. Trading low liquidity and low volume contracts is not allowed.

I qualified. Now what?

A There is no need to email us. We will reach out to you within 72 hours for the next steps.

Please see the Elite Account rules: Click here to see the rules.