We love our community and your feedback has been amazing!

ETF is proudly blazing our own path in the industry, which means that we take our time to deeply consider what makes sense for the growth of the business and what will strengthen the long-term relationship with our traders. We invite you to soar to new heights with us as we double down on our commitment to deliver you the best trading experience with every step of your journey.

From your first evaluation trade to every payout with your Elite account, you will have the utmost confidence and trust that ETF truly has your back, especially when things happen that are out of your control! We are traders also, so we know that issues can arise from time to time. Our unrivaled support team will be here to take of you. This way you can focus on what matters most: staying consistently profitable!

We have seriously contemplated your constructive criticism and are happy to give our ETF family what they want! Keep an eye on the timeline on our website and stay tuned to our official social media platforms and community to learn more about our exciting new upcoming releases.

We told you we were just getting started; the best is yet to come!


The ETF Team


Our 1 Year anniversary!

A year? Already? Yeah that's how we feel. This has been the most jam packed year of our lives and we want year two to be even better!

We have some announcements, changes, sales and additions we'd like to share with our ETF family!

Let's start with what everyone has been waiting for…


Sale details & Q&A:

February 10th 12am CST through the 17th 11:59pm CST.

65% off until you cancel or pass your evaluation on all 1 Step, EOD, Static, and our new Diamond Hands evaluation. You can get 65% off on up to 20 accounts!

Buy one, get one free (BOGO): When you buy one non-Fast track evaluation, not only do you get 65% off, but you receive one identical evaluation where the first month is free (up to 5 identical evaluations)! The free account(s) you received will RENEW at 65% off of the original price until you pass or cancel!

Coupon codes for free accounts will be given to you via email and on the thank you page after purchasing.

Fast Tracks are eligible for the Buy one, get one free (BOGO) offer only, not eligible for 65% off discount. When purchasing you will receive enough rewards points to get your next fast track for free on up to 5 accounts!

All evaluation resets are $50 during the sale only, no coupon is needed.

Purchase an evaluation and use coupon code: ONEYEAR

This is a one time only sale so take advantage while you can!


Prefer holding your trades overnight and weekends? Our new Diamond Hands evaluation will be perfect for you.

  • 100K Account.
  • End of Day drawdown calculation.
  • Max Contracts: 2 minis or 20 micros.
  • $3,500 max drawdown.
  • $1,500 daily loss limit.
  • $5,000 profit target
  • Cost: $365


40% rule no longer "resets" best day P&L after requesting a payout for Elite Accounts. The amount of your payout is now included in calculations to keep an ongoing consistency log of your trading.


2022 was incredible. 2023 will be even better!

All of us at Elite Trader Funding couldn't have imagined our first year being this incredible, and yet it was. When we entered the market, we hoped to make a splash by improving the prop firm experience for traders by offering unmatched customer service. It appears that we’ve started to make waves and we’re going to continue to do so.

We learned a lot in 2022. We learned what works, what doesn't, what traders want, and what they don't want. Did we make a few mistakes along the way? Of course! Who doesn't? We own up for those mistakes and while the mistakes were limited, we learned a lot from them.

Here are some stats on 2022 that we would like to share.

  • Over 1,700 Elite traders qualified over 5,200 accounts.
  • Those traders accumulated over $1,750,000 million in profits.
  • We have already paid out $630,000 of that to our Elite traders.
  • Paid over $300,000 to our affiliates.
  • Launched 3 different types of evaluations.
  • Answered over 20,000 support tickets.
  • Created a Discord Community that consists of over 2,500 traders.
  • Gave away over $1 million in discounts and giveaways.

Here is what we are working on for 2023. We can only share some details, but we're excited to share what we can.

  • Major economic events (FOMC Statement/Conference, FOMC Minutes, CPI, PPI, and NFP) are restricted from trading and will no longer be allowed in Elite accounts. There cannot be any active positions or orders filled in the time period between five minutes prior to the event and five minutes after the event starts. Elite Trader Funding wishes to partner with disciplined traders that have demonstrated a consistent strategy that does not rely on the outcome of a binary event.
  • 30% rule is now changed to 40%, effective January 1.
  • One month has been removed from the payout schedule requirement, meaning that month four is the month you can take a full payout. This is also effective January 1.
  • LIVE Elite account offering for Elite traders who can demonstrate consistent profitability.
  • LIVE Elite accounts benefit from: 90/10 split instead of 80/20, no 40% rule and no news trading restrictions.
  • New, improved trader dashboard with more detailed statistics, rule tracking, and self-service buttons.
  • Ninjatrader/Tradovate integration. You can trade accounts on either platform with the same login.
  • Competitions with cash prizes.
  • New and improved affiliate center with better tracking, payout, and promotional tools.
  • Plus much much more!

As we close out this year and look ahead to the new one, we want to express our gratitude to everyone who has supported us. The challenges we faced this year only made us stronger and more determined to succeed. Thank you to everyone who became part of the ETF family. We hear you, we listen to you, and we will continue striving to give you the best service in the industry.

We are excited about all the opportunities and possibilities that the new year brings, and we hope that you will join us on this journey. We are just getting started.